Having recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, the Independent Spirit Awards for independent film-making outside the studio system, is more and more an indication of what the next award might be. Mary Aloe pointed that out to her team at Aloe Entertainment over a talk about financing an independent film vs. the big budget studio film.

“They used to say, win on Saturday and lose on Sunday”, Mary Aloe continued. “Meaning, enjoy your Spirit because you are not getting an Oscar now.” “What about last year,” an Aloe Entertainment team member asked? “Well, every year, that saying is less and less true, Mary Aloe smiled. Of the five nominees for Best Feature at the Spirits, four of them — BoyhoodBirdman, Selma and Whiplash — were up for Best Picture at the Oscars.

“Remember, 12 Years A Slave won last year and The Artist got many awards in 2011,” Mary Aloe explained. An Aloe Entertainment team member jumped in, ”But the Spirits don’t cast the same wide net of contenders. Your picture must be budgeted at less than $20 million, right?” Mary Aloe confirmed, “Yes, but don’t use that to discount the continued connection that the Spirit’s are more and more becoming the dress rehearsal, you might say, for the Oscars and sometimes, the Golden Globes, though the Hollywood Foreign Press tends to honor the more well known, where the spotlight is already shining.”

“Still, watch out for more and more influence from the Independent Spirit Awards to the Academy Awards, especially as the studios invest more in the tent pole film,” Mary Aloe ended with before dashing out to her next appointment and quite possibly the beginning of an Aloe Entertainment project that proves her point.